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Painter Nancy Blanchard, a New Brunswick native, has been living in Vancouver since 1992. Her formal studies include tuition at the Emily Carr Institute and the Elst Design Studio, though she regards time spent in Europe and Australia as being equally contributive to her creative development. From 2001 - 2004 Blanchard was the founder and curator of Studio Blue a non-profit gallery that showcased and promoted the work of dozens of Vancouver's emerging visual artists. Since then she has been focusing on a body of work that explores her fascination with bringing the ineffable into tangibility; these works have been exhibited throughout the province, including at the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Aaron Ross Gallery, Sugar + Sugar and the Eclektica Gallery. In 2007 Blanchard's interest in other artistic genres led to an ongoing collaboration with the Redshift Music Society, for which she remains their visual artist-in-residence.


The ineffable: thoughts, dreams, hidden emotions... I try to paint such things into tangibility; with colour and textures I attempt to lure, to glimpse, to draw them to the surface. My painting is an attempt, a commitment, to express emotional states with colour and texture. I strive to articulate such states, such possibilities of being, precisely... to succumb and follow not only their seductions but also to trespass upon their prohibitions and their silences. As an abstract painter I push myself into subjectless spaces and attempt to inhabit them in the only way that is possibleó with creativity, and specifically through a prolonged engagement between myself and my medium.

If anything I wish my paintings to be seen as an encounter between a living body and a surface which supports and may reveal the possibilities of transcendence. My art is the pursuit of lived experience as opposed to replicated experience, the coherent expression of intangible states as opposed to the predictable representation in inert forms, and the return of the artist from the painting to the world as opposed to the loss of the artist into formal effects.

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