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Nancy Blanchard
Owner, Curator, Resident Artist

Nancy Blanchard

The ineffable: thoughts, dreams, hidden emotions... I try to paint such things into tangibility; with colour and textures I attempt to lure, to glimpse, to draw them to the surface. My painting is an attempt, a commitment, to express emotional states with colour and texture. I strive to articulate such states, such possibilities of being, precisely... to succumb and follow not only their seductions but also to trespass upon their prohibitions and their silences. As an abstract painter I push myself into subjectless spaces and attempt to inhabit them in the only way that is possible- with creativity, and specifically through a prolonged engagement between myself and my medium.

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ongoing projects + available works:

cadence series

speaks with the cadence of footsteps speaks with the cadence of footsteps
30 x 36 · acrylic on canvas

there are roads that should never meet, but do. there are roads that should never meet,
but do.
24 x 30 · acrylic on canvas

love poems series

Love Poems 2012 it exists within a moment
18 x 24 · acrylic on canvas

Love Poems 2012 love poems
48 x 60 · acrylic on canvas · SOLD
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